Craft Room Makeover : Pegboard Storage

Pegboard wall .

Sometimes With almost every project you will have to make changes to your  original plan. Never have I been more disappointed by a failed design than I was with this project. My heart was set on my original plan, until I discovered the studs in the wall were not going to allow for my design.


I wanted three different pegboards on this wall. They would hang at equal distances from each other and they would be beautiful. These three peg boards sitting in a row were my dream.


As I found the studs in the wall I quickly realized that the backing boards were not going to be able to be screwed into two different studs. Two of the pegboards would only have 1 screw in each board. Sure, I could have used mollys (drywall anchors) to help brace the boards to the wall. However, safety wise that just wasn’t going to be enough for me to justify following through with my design.

Finding Studs

Instead I decided it would be safer to attach the boards all together so the bracing boards would all be in 4 studs. In order to find the height of the pegboard I propped it on top of the bookcases that would directly under it.

Deciding Placement

Check out those legs!!

When the spacing was determined I drilled all the backing boards into place. Then I gave them all a quick coat of dark gray paint. This might sound odd to you… or like I am being insanely picking, however I absolutely cannot stand being able to see bracing boards behind pegboards. It is a huge pet peeve of mine. The dark paint will help hide the boards, and allow them to not be seen after the pegboards are in place. (This is the same method I used for the chalkboard wall)

Bracing Boards for Pegboard

My mom helped me hold the pegboards into place while I leveled them and drilled them into place. I HIGHLY suggest you have someone help you with this step. It makes it so much easier to make sure everything is all plumed up.

As a side note: The screws to attach the pegboards to the bracing boards & all the hooks for the pegboard were spray painted gold to create a cohesive look.

Pegboard Install Pegboard Wall Installed

Hey look at that you can’t see the bracing boards at all ;)

How to Install a Peg Board

While the design is not what I had in mind for the pegboards, it will work just as well for holding supplies at an arms reach away.

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