Craft Room Makeover : Fabric Backed Bookcase

Before Bookcase Title

Welcome back to the Craft Room Makeover! With paint drying on most of the other projects I want to show you an inexpensive way to update a bookcase.

For this room I was going to pick out a light, patterned fabric to brighten up the back of the bookcase a bit. When my mom fell in LOVE with the crushed velvet of this deep purple it just had to be used and I have to say I found myself petting the velvet multiple times.

This process was not very difficult, but it did take some time. I believe I could have saved myself about 2 hours and a blister if I had just gone downstairs and grabbed the drill. But it just seemed so far away that I could not bring myself to do it. Please use a drill if you try this!

Bookcase before

Step 1: Remove the bookcase backing

With this bookcase that just meant taking all of the screws holding the thick cardboard pieces on.

the backside of the bookcase


Step 2: Cut fabric to size.

Using the backing board as a template cut the fabric piece. Make sure to leave 2-3 inches to fold over the back of the board.

Cutting Fabric to Size


Step 3: Screw the first side into place.

Wrap the fabric around the backing board, making sure that the correct side of the fabric is facing out. Fold the fabric around the back side of the backing board and drill in your first screw.

Legger Tip: You may need to punch a hole in the fabric so that the fabric does not twist as you turn the screw into place.

Lining up the fabric for the backing Securing bookcase backing


Step 4: Gently stretch the fabric before drilling in your first screw on side 2.

Legger Tip: I constantly tipped the bookcase back up to make sure that the fabric was stretched & secured evenly.

Creating Tension

Step 5: Continue for 3 of the 4 sides.

Before screwing the 4th side down make sure that the backing looks good while the bookcase is standing. If the fabric is wrinkled pull the fabric gently from the back until it evens out.

Legger Tip: Using washers is a good idea to give the screw a larger piece of fabric to hold onto.

Secured and ready to go

Step 6: Double check your work.

If any of the tension is off fix it before continuing on.

Step 7: Repeat steps 2-6 on the next part of your bookcase.

Step 8: Decorate your bookcase & show it off!

Fabric backed bookcase

Fabric backing finished bookcase

This project cost a whopping $7! The fabric was the only cost since the screws were all being reused to secure the fabric in place.

Would you ever try updating a bookcase with fabric?





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