Craft Room Makeover: Cork Board

DIY Painted Cork Board

If you are redecorating a room and you don’t swim in gold coins on a regular basis it is important to reuse things that were already in the room (or around the house) instead of buying everything new.

When I was emptying out my mom’s room I spotted a cork board that would be perfect for organizing project ideas. The frame was separating from the edge of the cork board itself, which made it clear that it needed my attention. The frame was basic black and boring.

Since chevron’s are EVERYWHERE right now, I figured they should also make it into the craft room. I grabbed a roll of painters tape and started taping off a very rough pattern. It did not need to be perfect so I didn’t even bother measuring…. Which normally goes against every fiber of my being.

After the tape was down I had my mom (because she needed to be put to work ;) just kidding mom!) paint inside the lines of tape with a lovely shade of purple paint.

Corkboard Painting Tutorial

When the paint was completely dried I taped off the edge of the frame and we painted the frame with some gray paint that will match the future chalkboard wall.

Painting a Corkboard

With the paint & glue both dried, the tape was removed and…. oh look at that pretty cork board. It is just waiting for more ideas to be pinned to it.

How-to-paint-a-Corkboard 2

painted corkboard 2


This had to be the single easiest (and quickest) project in the entire craft room makeover. The best part? It is cute AND functional!

What are so of the ways you have updated old tired things?




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