Craft Room Makeover: Spray Painting Love

With the legs lifting the new bookcases up to counter height, there was ‘extra’ space under them. That extra space was begging to house baskets. Since creating storage, that was both beautiful and functional, was my key focus for the room I knew if I could find baskets that would not be budget busters that I would be in heaven.

IKEA makeover long legs and gold toes

This meant a visit or two straight back to the clearance section. Which are they greatest places of any store. There are treasures just waiting for you if you can just ignore the color of something and focus on the structure of it. With the right structure and a bit of spray paint you can make exactly what you are looking for at a fracture of what you would spend to buy the perfect thing in the perfect color to start with.


I went on a search for baskets that had the right shape and structure to them. In the interest of saving money I was hoping to find baskets that were marked down because of something silly like color. That would give me the perfect subject to spray paint. Luckily that was exactly what I found. The bright green meant these bad boys were only $5 a piece!

spray painting love green baskets 1

These bright blue baskets were in the same clearance section. Tagged at $5.57 and STILL half off of that price. These came along for the ride at under $3 a piece! The baskets had handles that I was not a big fan of so I grabbed the pliers and pried the handles off of each basket.

blue baskets

At Michaels I found lidded glass jars in the clearance section. $1.20 for each jar I threw a bunch in cart and headed to the register before anyone else could snatch them from me. The only prep they required was to unscrew the knobs on the top.

spray painting love glass jars 1

spray painting love glass jars 2

My boss also brought in these adorable mini paint containers for me. They were so cute I knew they just had to go in the room. With a little bit of a headache I taped both of them up to protect the clear plastic from the spray paint and added them to the spray painting pile.

spray painting love paint cans 1

I headed outside to spray down the baskets with glorious spray paint. What would us DIYers do without that stuff?

spray painting love green to gold 2

spray painting love

The baskets ended up using a lot more spray paint than I thought they would because most of the paint ended up as over spray. Still totally worth it!

spray paint love paint cans 3

Look at the newly gold baskets just rocking it under the bookcases!

Spray Painting Baskets


Do you have any budget friendly organization ideas? I would love to hear!


Xo, Melanie


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