Craft Room Makeover: Long Legs & Gold Toes

For week 2 of the Craft Room Makeover it started will the paint was drying in the soon to be craft room I took my friend shopping for storage solutions. Our first stop was IKEA. Now I have to admit, my first stop in IKEA is ALWAYS the return section. It is a glorious secret that can save you a TON of money.  My original plan involved purchasing the RAST dressers that you have probably seen all over Pinterest. That all went out the window we found matching bookcases that I knew would be perfect, in the return section. It was time for an IKEA hack!

IKEA hack bargin shopping 0

The only problem was they were not tall enough. A quick trip to Home Depot fixed that problem. We found these perfect feet to screw into the bottom of the bookcases. I was a little worried that they weren’t going to actually be the same size but they fit like a glove.

IKEA long leg makeover 1

IKEA makeover long legs 2

All of the legs were given three coats of white that we had color matched to one of the shelves in the bookcase. While the legs looked great they were clearly missing something.

Long Leg Makeover 3

Then it hit me….gold toes! I quickly taped off the legs and headed outside to spray paint.

IKEA makeover long legs 4 IKEA makeover gold toes 5

After the legs were dried I held my breath and removed the tape. And perfection!

IKEA makeover gold toes 6

Look at the legs on her!

IKEA makeover long legs and gold toes 2

IKEA makeover long legs and gold toes


Next week’s post is all about scoring great deals and spray painting!


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Xo, Melanie


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