Craft Room Makeover : Week 1

For my wonderful Mother’s 50th Birthday present I knew I had to do something big. She has a spare room in her house (which used to be my bedroom before it became a nursery for my little brother) that has all of her projects and crafting stuff in it. I would call it a craft room but it hasn’t been a workable place for her ever.

My mom is what you would call super human. She works full time and is completely involved in my little sibling’s activities. I have never been able to figure out how she even keeps track of all of the activities in a day let alone a week! From school & homework to ballet classes, humado, dance, band, piano lessons, swimming, baseball, boy & girl scouts meetings and activities she hasn’t had time herself to organize her “craft room.”

Problem solved! I would redo her craft room for her, and she would love it. I gave her the option to do blue and copper or purple and gold. My mom, a University of Washington graduate, went for purple and gold. The new room would have:

  • New paint (the nursery paint had to go)
  • Added storage
    • Bookcase
    • Drawers
    • Shelving
  • Giant pegboard
  • Countertop for added workspace
  • Chalkboard wall
  • Revamped desk
  • And whatever else would pop into my head as we went

My entire plan was going to take a week…. Yeah right. I live about an hour and half from my mom’s house which makes getting there on a daily basis really difficult.  I stayed there for about a week and got to work!

Craftroom Makeover Idea Board Craftroom Makeover Idea board 2

It will definitely get me into trouble posting the before pictures. However, I think most people have those rooms or storage closets or areas of their homes that seem helpless. Or perhaps too overwhelming to tackle so despite the fact that my mom will probably want to ground me for this I am going to share the before photos with you all:

craftroom-makeover-before-picture-1 craftroom-makeover-before-picture-2 craftroom-makeover-before-picture-3

Stay tuned next week for a revamping of a low profile IKEA bookcase. Long legs and gold toes. Oh la la!

xo, Melanie


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