The Perfect Anniversary Present?

I am positive that I am not the alone in the struggle of what to get my man for a gift. Men are impossible to shop for. Mine especially because he just buys everything that he wants. It makes it tough. Being on a strict budget adds to the struggle.

Enter Shutterfly and the delightful free 8×8 photobook coupon that they handed out on my mom’s recent flight to Hawaii!

 The man and I have done a LOT of stuff in the last two years and I thought it would be nice to put it all in a book that we can keep and show our kiddos down the road.

Shutterfly was very easy to use, for the most part. I did have a couple complaints along but all and all very user friendly. I started with the cover because it seemed the most simple. There are a bunch of layouts to choose from which was really nice. I choose to do multiple photos instead of just one, because the qualities of our cell phone photos (which most of them are) didn’t seem to like being blown up too much.


Messe is our couple name. Melanie & Jesse.

The title page drives me nuts a bit because the photo-strip is crooked. Why would you do that to someone? It was the only one that worked with the layout of the rest of the pages so I just went with it.

LastLegs Shutterfly Messe Title Page

All the pages have the same layout. This helped to streamline the process and saved a ton of time. There is a couples picture on the left and 4 photos on the right page with the writing blurb.

Shutterfly allows you to customize the layout of each page very easily. I needed to do this with a few pages that needed more writing. In that case I removed the 4th image all together.

LastLegs Shutterfly Messe Kayaking

The last page is probably my favorite, just because it shows our personalities at their finest. The pictures are mostly selfies of us just being our weird selves.

LastLegs Shutterfly Messe Last Page

All in all the project took me forever to complete. 5 weeks in total. To be fair I was working on 2 books at the same time, which doubled the work involved. This was the breakdown for this book:

week 1: layout, gather pictures

week 2: sneak onto Jesse’s computer and hijack photos.

week 3: write blurbs, finalize fonts & photo selections

week 4: perfect everything, only to have computer die and have to restart

week 5: finish & proof

The project cost me $6.80 for the extra pages I added and that was it!



4 responses to “The Perfect Anniversary Present?

  1. Wow, that’s amazing how inexpensive it is for something so valuable and meaningful. <3 I remember wanting to make one of these for my wedding, but got too overwhelmed with all the choices and choosing which photos to use, etc. that I changed my mind! lol. I will have to give it another try now that I'm not under wedding planning stress! =) Thanks for sharing your beautiful book!!


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