The Ugly Pink Chair

During my crazy must-buy-all-the-cane-chairs shopping spree I found this chair for $35 bucks. I knew I was going to update it so it being a terrible mauve color didn’t much matter. The upholstery is perfect and frankly reupholstering it seemed like a waste. To figure out what to do I went to our trusty friend: Pinterest!

Ugly Pink Chair Before

The options were to either paint or dye. Rit Dye won out so I headed to Joann’s and got the goods.Chair Dye Labeled

I poured hot water into the spray bottle with half a packet of dye. I added a bit of vinegar to the bottle to help set the dye into the fabric. Slipped on some gloves and got to work.

Ugly Pink Chair Spray Dye

After 1 coat I let the chair dry for an hour and a half. When I went back to check on the chair started to have a purple tint to it. hmmm…

Ugly Chair coat 1

On to coat 2. With my gloves on I worked the dye into the chair as much as I could.

Ugly No Longer Pink Chair

After 2 coats the chair has a deep purple color to it. Not at all was this the look I was going for. Sooooo the new plan is black…. because purple is NOT the new black.



5 responses to “The Ugly Pink Chair

  1. Hmm, yup that is definitely not grey LOL. I actually think the purple looks great against the light colouring of the wood, but then I LOVE purple haha. I hope the black works out for you.


  2. Hi Melanie,

    So glad to see you went for it and dyed the chair with Rit! I work for Rit and your post came up in my Google alerts so wanted to pop on and say hi.

    Sorry to see, though, that you did not get the grey you want. Since the chair was pink, the grey mixed with it to get that purple. To get a true grey the fabric needed to be white or cream to start. (The dye color mixes with fabric color much like paint colors mix together to create new colors.) Since black dyes over pretty much everything you should be able to dye over the purple to get black, though it could still have purplish undertones. To try to avoid that, I’d recommend heating your dye bath before putting it in the spray bottle as that will help you get a richer black (assuming the fabric can take hot dye!).

    Once it’s dry, spray some scotch guard on it to protect it. We’ve found that to work really well.

    Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

    Ruth, The Rit Studio


    • Ruth,

      Thank you so much for the advice! I will definitely spray on scotch guard when the chair is done. That never would have entered my mind.

      I did heat up the dye mixture before spraying it on. But clearly the pink didn’t want to be forgotten dang it! The black seems to be working a lot better than the gray did.

      Since you are an expert in the Rit area do you think using the dye remover at the start of a project would have helped the upholstery? Or is it something that needs to be washed out?

      Thank you for your help!


      • Hi Melanie,

        So happy to hear the black is working for you! Can’t wait to see how it came out.

        And also very happy to see you’re familiar with Rit’s Color Remover! Color Remover works best when used with the stove top method, and it really has to be done stove top for the constant heat to remove the color from commercially dyed fabric, so if the chair was slipcovered and you could remove the fabric, that would be an option, but in a case like your chair and how it’s upholstered I unfortunately don’t think it would be an option. Plus, it needs to be washed out of the fabric before dyeing.



        Ruth Gallogly Director of Community Connections The Rit Studio

        Join the Dye-IY movement. Create your Rit Studio. ________________________________


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