The Bubble Run — good clean run

One of my summer goals was to do another fun run with my friends. Events for The Bubble Run kept popping up in my news feed and they had a $25 special to sign up. With our team name picked, Run-A-Dub-Dub, the planning began. We made loofah booty tutus and topped off our looks with bright socks and tiaras.

Since The Man needed a different look, but still needed to match us, we decided to crown him Mr. Run-A-Dub-Dub. I created a sash for him out of a thick piece of ribbon, fabric paint and iron on letters. I also found him a crown to match our tiaras.Last Legs Bubble Run

We ferried on over to Everett and got to the fun. When we arrived the music was playing and it was clear that we were all going to have a blast. People seemed to really like our outfits as we skipped past them. Some people asked us to stop for a picture along the way. We waved at the people sitting on their front porches enjoying their morning coffees.

Last Legs Starting Line2

Last Legs lost in bubbles

Last Legs Running

The bubble pits were amazing. They have bubble machines that create plumes of foamy bubbly goodness in different colors. There was 5 bubble zones before the finish line.  The starting line had bubbles but no color in them. I believe this was the warm up just to get us in the bubbly mood. Then came pink, blue, yellow and green.

securedownload (2)

After the finish line there was a huge bubble pit, with bubble machines and so much music goodness. We played for quite a while before heading out of the pit to take pictures and play.

Last Legs Mirror Selfie

If you want to gather your friends for a good time, that you could technically count as a workout check out the links for upcoming events!





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