Loofah Booty

There was a fun run coming up and we were in desperate need of some killer tutus. Since it was the bubble run we decided on Loofah Tutus. After a quick stop to Hobby Lobby for elastic and tulle we got to work.

Last Legs Loofah Tutu

The tulle was on a 50% off sale. Score!

When figuring out the elastic we made it easy on ourselves and wrapped the elastic band around our hips were we wanted the tutu to fall. We cut the elastic there and cinched it just a little before sewing the ends together.

We slipped the band around the legs of a toddler chair and got to work tutuing.

To get the full loofah essence … the essence d’ loofah if you will, we wrapped the tulle around our arms 6 times. Then we tied the ends together to create a loop.

 Wrapping Loops Last LegsLoofah Loops Last Legs

We then looped the tulle around the elastic and secured it in place, being very careful to make sure that the knot was in the back.

 Wrapping Loofah Tutu Last Legs Tucking Loofah Tutu Last Legs Tighten Loofah Tutu Last Legs

Repeat the looping until your elastic is completely covered. It took 4 rolls of tulle for each of our loofa tutus. $10 in tulle plus $1 for the elastic (elastic can easily make 2 adult, and 1 childrens tutu.)

Here they are in full action! We picked up foam crowns for less than $1 to complete the look.

LastLegs Loofah Tutu

We definitely had the best tutus around!



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