House Plans – The Start

We are about 6 months away from looking for land to build our dream house on. 6 months! How crazy is that?

The process is a HUGE one and definitely not one to take lightly. It is a big thing to settle down and buy a house in itself but to build one is an entirely different commitment.

On our own we both own homes, weirdly we don’t live in either. Neither of our places are ones that we want to live in. The man’s is a newer home in the suburbs and mine is a condo in the city. We both want to be a bit more secluded than either of those homes allow. We want to be able to have a large yard with property and have room to have parties and bonfires, and have enough room to host the holidays.

The goal is to have at least 5 acres. And a house with rental income. It would be fantastic to find a house that met our criteria that was already built already. That however is HIGHLY doubtful. In the area we want to live the home prices are through the roof for the acreage we want. We are talking around 750k for the type of house we want! That is ridiculous.

Instead of spending the next 30 years paying too much for a house that probably isn’t what we exactly want, we are building our own. Starting from scratch has its advantages.

The man and I have different styles which makes things a bit tricky for the house design. Here is what we HAVE decided on so far.

A rambler style farmhouse with a wrap a round porch:



This look for the outside:



An outdoor covered living area is a MUST. We both love to be outdoors, but we live in Washington so it makes it tricky to lounge outside in the Fall. But this would definitely encourage outdoor living:




It’s all very craftsman style until you get to the part about what we want to build it out of. Are you ready for it?

Shipping containers! No really I am serious. It will end up cutting the cost of building are home almost in half and why not? The container will be completely hidden within the siding and drywall so unless we tell people (like in a blog post perhaps hehe) they will never know.



How do you like this man cave? I for one love it for a basement. It even has glass garage doors to open the space up to the outdoors.




What do you think of our crazy plan? Isn’t it just the right amount of crazy?


Last Legs Shipping Container Title


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