Summer Goals: 2014


If you know me you know I am a list person. I write lists for other lists. That is not an exaggeration either, there is a little spiral notebook in my purse that is FILLED with lists and notes and lists of notes.

I found myself in the need to make up yet another list today, and I decided it should be a fun one. This is my this-summer-needs-to-be-a-great-summer list. Since the list is a pretty awesome list I thought I should share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy it and it can inspire you to have some fun this summer too!


Summer Goals:

  1. Continue to learn French (It is a process)
  2. Vacation with the man like creature I rarely get to see anymore. Preferably make it somewhere we have to fly to.
  3. Go to an outdoor concert. Our area is filled with free concerts in the park.
  4. Skydiving! It is a must for every summer!
  5. Camp in warm weather! This might seem like a duh statement but it isn’t. We almost always go camping in cold weather and end up covered in either rain or snow. I would like to experience warm weather camping as an adult.
  6. Get our family room decorating finished.
  7. Purge and organize our storage situation. (If it is in storage we probably don’t really need it anyways)
  8. Visit the Olympic Game Farm. The animals actually walk right up to your car and stick their heads in to get bread! Slobber and all, it sounds like a blast to me. I hear the one rule is windows have to stay down the entire time!
  9. Go Ziplining. There are groupons for place in our area all the time and it looks like so much fun. Who wouldn’t want to be strapped in a harness and pushed off a ledge that leads you on a course through the trees?
  10. Get a few friends together for another fun run. There are more color runs, mud runs and more extreme races this year in Seattle that are all definitely in the running…. “in the running”… I crack myself up!


What are your awesome summer plans?



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