Happy 1st Blogiversary!

Welcome to July! It is sunny and warm out here in Seattle. It is my birthday month and since I missed the 1 year anniversary of Last Legs (June 1st) we will celebrate today!


wordpress restoring inspiration7
To celebrate how far my little blog has come Last Legs has a PO Box now! There is nothing better than receiving a personal card or letter. If you are in the card/letter writing mood feel free to write me, I would love to hear from you. If you want to jump on the pen-pal wagon I would love some more people to write to. :)


po box


Goals for Year Two:

1)      Learn more about linking Last Legs to the world. Social Media, and Link Parties galore!

2)      Monetize Last Legs. Watch out for new sponsored posts and links for all of the products used.

3)      Plan out my posts in a more realistic schedule. One post a week!

4)      Attend a blogging conference

5)      Reach at least 1,000 followers


Good Things About Year One:

1)     I was nominated for the inspiring blog award by none other than the amazing and talented Christina, the brains behind Life Being Girly. (I will do my post on it later this week :)




2)     I received a double nomination from Thumb Printed and SimpLeigh Organized for The Liebster Award a few months ago. What a big honor! Twice. Click the picture below for the link to the award.


3)     Having a blog has taught me to pace myself. When I first started Last Legs I dedicated every waking hour that I wasn’t at work to working on projects. Whether it was the projects themselves, photos, editing or planning it was all I spent time doing. A few months later I thought “Hey I should step up my game and do 2 posts a week.” What was I thinking? Can anyone tell me? My new schedule was great for a little while but it quickly changed into just feeling overwhelmed. Because of this I have decided that for the next year there will only be one post a week. Less content, means better content!


…And more to come, after I have had my coffee :)



15 responses to “Happy 1st Blogiversary!

  1. I LOVE this!! Congrats on 1 year, babe!!! What an accomplishment! I really like the posting schedule of once a week, quality over quantity! And your new P.O. Box! You know I will write you something!!! <3 I'm so happy for you, Melanie!! Take care! And yippeee!!


      • I was thinking the same thing! I think I haven’t gotten one yet because I am worried that no one would write me and it would be a huge bummer. Have you had any luck?


      • I was worried about the same thing! I only signed up for mine for 6 months so just in case I didn’t receive anything it would totally crush my feelings. There are a couple people that have written to me and it has been lovely. I would love more penpals because they are so much fun, plus then you have letters to look forward to, and no wasted PO Box!


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