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This is the first post in 2 weeks! Ekk.These weeks have been busy in our house. Lots of projects. The weather has been amazing and I thought that I should take advantage while I could (I do live in western Washington after all). Although the project I am blogging about was a completely indoor project. Great for those rainy weekends.


I loved the curtains that I kept seeing on pinterest. They fit with my design and I just had to have them. The problem? Any of the pre-made curtains that I found were $99.95+ for one panel. And I needed 4! Heck no I wasn’t going to spend that much. Especially with how often I change my mind.

The Solution: Paint my own! I know I know. If you haven’t seen the idea on Pinterest, you are thinking paint on curtains, really? It sounds crazy but there is a texture medium that can be added to paint to make it into a fabric paint.  It gives the paint enough elasticity that the paint will not crack, but instead move with the fabric. At least that is how I understood it. I was prepared to learn for myself if it was really going to work or not.

Ikea Vivan Curtains

I purchased a set of curtains at IKEA. $10 a pair? I think yes! You would not want to do this if you need thick curtains, as these are fairly light, but this wasn’t a concern for me in our great room. The great thing about these curtains is that there 94 inches long. Which means they will work with almost any window height.

First I needed to measure the distance from the existing curtain rod to the floor to determine where I needed to hem the curtains at.

My second step was to decide how large my stripes would be and the spacing. I sketched up a few different options to see what the curtains would look like on paper. After making my decision I decided to space out the stripes evenly at 12” with 12” in between each stripe.


I laid my curtain on the floor and got to work taping off the stripes. As I went I paid special attention to making sure that the tape had a strong bond to the curtain, to help prevent paint bleeding later on.

Note: Remember to put your floor protection down BEFORE you tape off curtain it will save you the hassle of adding it later.

1.PaintingCurtainsMeasuring 4.PaintingCurtainsTaping

After the curtain panel was taped off, I went through on the border of the tape and applied a layer of modge podge. This was in an effort to again help the bond between the curtain and the tape. In retrospect I should have painted the modge podge over all of the striping area because it prevented the paint from going all of the way through the curtain.

Once the modge podge was dried I got to mixing the paint with the texture medium. The texture medium calls for a 2 parts paint to 1 part texture medium ratio. I was not exact in my measurement and it all seemed to work out just fine.

For the painting application I decided to use a roller because it seems like the most logical choice. I painted on light coats of paint and let them dry all the way through before adding the next coat. This process took about 24 hours and 3 coats of paint.


6.PaintingCurtainsCoatOne 8.PaintingCurtainsCoatOneDone

I ended up doing 3 coats on the curtain just to make sure the paint had even coating.

10.PaintingCurtainsCoat2(Coat 2 on Left, Coat 1 on Right)11.PaintingCurtainsCoat3

After the paint was dry I held my breath as I pulled off the tape. The good news is that for the most part the taping and modge podge seal worked great. There are a few spots on the curtains that the paint seeped through. I am hoping they will be subtle when the curtains are up, if they are I will go back through and hand paint a cleaner line on the curtains.


The downside of this project is that it requires A LOT of floor space. With the layout of our apartment I am only able to do a panel at a time. Which is made even more difficult when you have a dog and bunny hoping around. Overall so far I really like the look of the curtains. I can’t wait to get all of them down and hung up.


After I get all the curtains painted I will have to set them. It is a really simple step but important to create a more permanent bond between the paint and the curtain. All “setting” the paint means is that I have to iron the curtains. The heat will help everything bond and be happy for a lifetime… or at least until I get bored and switch up the design of the room again.


Would you ever paint your curtains?



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