Room Design: Update

Since I introduced my Rustic Industrial Design I have been trying to work on all of the projects for it. However, the weather in Washington has been less than helpful with my schedule and my plans. Grr. Stay sunny and warm already, please, Mother Nature!


Since I have been MIA from most of the online world I thought I would fill you in on what’s been happening in my world.


#1   The Man has been home from work lately and since our schedules usually don’t give us much time together I have been soaking in the awesomeness that are our crazy times together.


#2   We have a new tiny little addition to the family. He is just about the cutest thing I have seen ever. He is spunky and peppy and LOVES to eat. Meet Roo everyone. Roo is the softest little creature you will ever pet. There is almost TOO much cutest bundled into that fluff of fur. He is an 8 week old Holland Lop, who loves kisses.




#3   The weather has been ba-nanas. Which translates to having to keep busy indoors. Laundry, cleaning, more laundry… etc… you get the idea. On the plus side our apartment is crazy clean right now. Yay! My question is: How on earth do 2 people create this much laundry?


laundry day


#4   I have been working on my cane chair projects. Since I went slightly overboard and ended up buying 6 chairs when all we needed was 2! Oopsy. When the weather decides to play ball I have been able to get two chairs painted and almost finished. Let me tell you this is quite the accomplishment when you are darting in between rain clouds. To make progress on these chairs (one coat at a time) I have had to snatch the chair up right after painting and before the next cloud rolls in. Talent people. I have talent.


cane chair obsession x2


I will hopefully be back in business with the family room design very soon. It looks like this weekend is going to be great weather, and I am sending The Man away for a camping trip so I can (fingers crossed) get some projects underway!




How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?


2 responses to “Room Design: Update

    • Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Christina  I’m glad I get to inspire you.

      I was just telling the boyfriend the other day that I had NOTHING to wear and he just raised his eyebrows and pointed to the completely full closet. Doesn’t it just feel like some days desire a new outfit?


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