Coffee Table: Inspiration

For awhile now I have been wanting a new coffee table. Especially since we were doggie sitting for a puppy that decided our coffee table would make a terrific chew toy. grr. It has taken me quite some time to find a coffee table that I loved AND would be able to withstand our rough and tumble dog.

The Coffee Table Inspiration:


The coffee table is a great mix of rustic and industrial. Which is what we are going for in our overall design. Which means this is the perfect coffee table for us. Except for the price tag. $399?


But but but… look at that detail! It is oh so pretty.




Since I am not willing to part with $399 of my hard earned money, I was forced to figure out a way to get this look at a fraction of the price.


Enter IKEA. I know I know IKEA isn’t exactly the ideal store, but come on I am living on a budget, as I am sure most of you are! So IKEA it is. They have this set of nesting tables that I knew would be perfect!


Since we do live in an apartment the fact that the tables are nesting is perfect! When it is just us the tables can sit together, and when we have company those bad boys can hang out separate and give us more table space.


Just think some distressed pallet boards or beat up 1″ by 4″ and I can create a coffee table that looks just like the Ballard Designs table. Stay tuned for the upcoming tutorial!






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