The Cane Chair: Finishing

Continuing on with my glorious cane chair obsession:


After waiting 48 hours for the black paint to cure I took some serious time to taping off the newly painting chair and prepping it for the cane to be spray painted. In retrospect it would have been smarter to spray paint the cane first.


1CanePainting 2CanePainting


We (my new friend, cane and I) headed outside again. This time armed with Rust-Oleum ivory spray paint. I tried to contain my excitement because this was serious business. If I messed up the cane I would either have to replace it, or strip it and neither sounded like any fun.


It took me 2 coats to fully cover the cane.


3CanePainting 4CanePainting


I took it back inside after the required dry time (48 hours to fully dry) was up and removed all the tape. My fingers were crossed that the taping job had been a good one and that I hadn’t ruined my new chair.


To my relief it worked out perfectly. Minus a little spot that is completely hidden by the cushion.


10CanePainting 11CanePainting


Check out that perfect start line!




After I inspected the chair and found that everything was perfect I spray a clear coat on the chair to seal the paint (I didn’t take any pictures of this step, but it did require taping the chair back up to save the fabric.)


The last steps were just to screw back in the bottom of the chair. And stapled on a new dust guard and the chair was finished!


Look at her! How glorious is she? Not bad right? I think I had a win for this project!

1CaneChairFinished 2CaneChairFinished 3CaneChairFinished 4CaneChairMakeoverFinished



  This is a 4 part-er!

The Cane Chair Obsession

The Cane Chair: Prepping

The Cane Chair: Painting

The Cane Chair: Finished! (current post)



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