The Cane Chair: Painting


It’s painting time people! After the chair was all taped up and ready to go we took a walk outside and got busy.




After my conversation with the paint guru at Home Depot I picked up Rust-Oleum spray paint in glossy black and a spray handle because I am a wuss and I didn’t want spray paint all over my hands. I lightly sanded the chair so that the paint would have a good surface to stick to. (Sorry I forgot to take pictures of this step.)


This was my first real attempt at spray painting correctly. Which means I actually followed the instructions and didn’t try to finish it in one coat. Point number 1 for me! This is the chair after 1 light coat of paint.


CaneChairCoatOne8 CaneChairCoatOne9


The directions say for a 70 degree day to wait 1 hour inbetween coats. However since I live in Western Washington and 70 degree days are rare, I waited 1 hour and 15 minutes between coats, just to be safe. It took a total of 3 coats to get the chair coated perfectly.

.CaneChairPaintDone10 CaneChairPaintDone11


I got a little over zealous with this chair leg and sprayed a bit too much paint during one of the coats, and it started to drip. To fix it I had to wait for the paint to dry and then I sanded out the drip and applied the next coat. Easy peasy and you can’t even tell where I did it.



Next step was to remove the tape for the cane. I was careful to not touch the taping that is protecting the fabric of the chair.

.CaneChairTapeRemove13 CaneChairTapeRemove14


Here is what the chair looks like BEFORE spray painting the cane. It is so close to being a beautiful chair. Can you see it yet?

.CaneChairBeforeCanePaint15 CaneChairBeforeCanePaint16


Now I am waiting the 48 hours for the spray paint to fully cure before taping off the chair and spray painting the cane.




 This is a 4 part-er!

The Cane Chair Obsession

The Cane Chair: Prepping

The Cane Chair: Painting (current post)

The Cane Chair: Finishing!


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