The Cane Chair: Prepping

This chair project of mine has taken over my thoughts. I mean ALL of them. It is a good thing that The Man has left on a camping trip so I can dedicate all my time to this soon to be amazingly gorgeous chair. Here is the first cane chair to meet my DIY hands. It is in great shape, so much so that I decided to leave the original upholstery on the chair (which is seriously unlike me to do.)

 .CaneChairDIYBefore CaneChairDIYBefore3


I made my way to home depot to ask the experts about the best way to get the look I was going for. My original thought was to strip the vanish and stain from the chair and the cane, then re-stain the chair, dry brush paint on the cane and add a copy coats of poly. The problem with this is that it can seriously weaken the cane and didn’t want to risk it. I decided on spray painting both the chair and the cane instead. The fabulous David (aka paint guru) explained that spray painting was going to be the most durable and long lasting way to go. He should me the best kind to get for the job and I was on my way.


I started by removing the seat of the chair. It would have been in the way the entire time and impossible to tape off nicely. To do this I ripped off the dust guard material on the bottom of the chair. (I probably should have on stapled it, but that seemed too difficult and time consuming in the moment.) There was just 4 screws to undo and the seat came right off.




Taping off the chair took about an hour and a half. The reason it took me so long is because it needed to be as perfect as I could get it because of the contrast in colors. Any bit of wiggles in the taping and you would instantly see the flaw later on. It was a little bit difficult to get around the piping fabric but I think I managed to get close enough.


CaneChairTapeOff5 CaneChairTapeOff6


I taped off the cushion and the cane separately because I knew the taping on the cushion would need to stay put for the entire painting process. For this step I took my time taping sown all the lines. Then I covered the cushion with a roll of painters paper and taped that into place as well. I repeated the process on over the cane as well. If you do this do not forget the back!





Next step is getting my spray paint on.



 This is a 4 part-er!

The Cane Chair Obsession

The Cane Chair: Prepping (current post)

The Cane Chair: Painting

The Cane Chair: Finishing


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