The Cane Chair: Obsession

Hello all you wonderful people! I feel compelled to explain my recent hiatus to you all. First I need to explain my recent obsession. While scrolling through Pinterest I discovered these things called “cane chairs.” At first they weren’t my thing but the more I saw them in the background of pictures the more I liked them. Then I show this picture:


I was then instantly obsessed. My house needed those chairs. The $1998 price tag was NOT going to happen because apparently I like having a place to live, and food to eat. Weird right? Well that price tag, my friends, is why I DIY.

The past week and a half of my life has been dedicated to tracking down cane chairs off of Craigslist (for a decent price) and bringing them home with me. I have now spent a grand total of 8 1/2 hours driving around the greater Seattle area for 2 cane chairs. Boy is that a lot of driving!

The little gems are in need of my love… okay well not so much in need of my love as they are going to get my love crammed down their stuffing. They will be looking like 1,998 dollar chairs in no time!

Now do you see why I was MIA? I just had to attend to this very important matter. There will be posts coming this week since I will have lots of time to write this weekend (while the stain & paint dry)


 This is a 4 part-er!

The Cane Chair Obsession (current post)

The Cane Chair: Prepping

The Cane Chair: Painting

The Cane Chair: Finishing


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