Glass Stovetop Cleaning Trick



It is that time of year again and Spring cleaning is in full force at our house! This weekend I tackled the glass stovetop. It has had scorch marks on it since we moved in and it has been driving me completely insane the whole time.  Yesterday it was finally time to tackle this thing!


What you will need:

Dish Soap

Hot Water


Baking Soda (NOT baking powder)


This is the before picture. I spent about 15 minutes scrubbing the stove top before this picture. Clearly scrubbing with normal cleaners wasn’t getting me very far.

1. Glass Stove Top Before.

I soaked the Washcloth in the hot water and dishsoap.

While the wash cloth was hanging out in the soapy water I sprinkled baking soda all over the stove. Side-note: It was really fun making a mess while cleaning :)

2. Baking Soda on glass stove top.

3. Lots of baking soda.

After the stove was covered I lightly rang out the washcloth. I left a lot of water in it so that the stove could really soak. I covered the baking soda with the wash cloth and walked away.

4. Wash cloth on stove top.

20 minutes later…

6. Lightly scrub.

I LIGHTLY scrubbed the scorch marks and it was amazing the difference this little trick made.

7. Glass Stove Top After.

The stove top could use another round of this treatment but I can only clean so much when it is sunny and beautiful outside!



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