Art Love – Tectric 407

This weekend I thought I would try out a new way of painting. It pretty much involves slapping paint on a canvas and mushing it around. Super technical of me I know ;)

I originally created something that was very light and bright and colorful and it was terrible so I covered it with a touch of black. By a touch I mean I covered last spot of blue and yellow.

Painting Beginning Here is a close up so that you can see the texture.

Painting Detail

After it was dry I dry brushed it with a slightly shimmering white paint.

Painting Middle

The up close and personal detail.

Painting Middle Detail

To finish up the painting I added a bit of gold on one side and added a few circles to add a little something and give it more structure.

Melanie Gourdine - Tectric 407 Detail

Here is the final piece.

Melanie Gourdine - Tectric 407

And there you have it Tectric 407. The name is made up of the products I used to create the circles and the medium I used, and yesterday’s date.




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