Executive (Necktie) Pillow

There is a rug at a local home décor store that I have been eyeing for years. There are two problems with it. #1 It is almost $600 bucks and I can’t justify spending that much on a rug. #2 We have a dog, and as much as I love him he would completely destroy the rug within 2 weeks. Which all meant I needed to make a version of my own. But look how cool this rug is!

9696253_xlg (1)

I decided making pillows would be much more practical than a rug would be. To start I bought 4 different fabrics and got to work.


To make the pillows look correct it involved making a crapton (yes that is an actual measurement) of little rectangles. They need to be as close to the same size as possible or the pillow wouldn’t have looked right. I started out by cutting individual rectangles of fabric and sewing them individually before realizing that was a terrible mistake. It would have ended up taking forever to make all of the “packets” needed. I switched to a process that involved sewing one piece of fabric and cutting out the rectangles after the fact. (see the diagram for a better explanation.)

.Stitching step 1 stitching step 2 stitching step 3 stitching step 4

Once the little packets were cut out it was time to flip them inside out. This was a little bit tricky because I kept the opening very small so that I wouldn’t need to sew them all the way shut.


After all the packets were flipped inside out, I realized that one of the fabrics needed a little bit of stuffing to help keep the shape. I stuffed a very little amount of cotton into each end. This gave each packet enough help to hold the shape it would need to have.


I cut the fabric I was using for the pillow itself to size. I added an inch or so to the overall measurement to allow for the seams.


Then was the easiest part. But probably the hardest to explain. Each packet needs to be flipped on its’ side to create points that look a little bit like pyramids. Run a stitch down the entire length of the pillow.

.Stitching row1

I spaced the next row about an inch from the first row and staggered the packets so that they fit nicely together. The process was the same for the rest of the rows.

Stitching row2

I repeated this process until the full face of the pillow is covered. After all of the rows were finished I sewed 3 of the pillow sides (Like I did with the pillows in this post.) I flipped the pillow inside out and stuffed the pillow form into and sewed the 4th side up.

.Sewing Necktie Pillow

My delightful little pillow was finished. It isn’t the rug I originally wanted but I still like it all the same. If I were going to do this again I think I would add more colors and patterns to the project.

Closeup Necktie Pillow Necktie Pillow Executive Pillow Finished Necktie Pillow

It’s pretty close to the original don’t you think?



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