Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in just 5 minutes title

You all know by now that I am all for the cheapest option to solve a problem or create any project .  This week’s project is teeth whitening.  I found this blog post that uses activated charcoal to whiten teeth. Naturally I had to try this out for myself.

First I should explain that I have been blessed with yellow teeth. I am a good girl and I brush and floss (Yes I really do floss, I’m not just saying in case my dentist reads this) twice everyday. I have always taken care of my teeth and done my best to persuade them into becoming white. Much to my disappointment, it has never worked.


My first attempt at this at home whitening is to drop by my local vitamin store and snag a bottle of activated charcoal. The bottle has 100 capsules for about $8. When I got home I opened up one of the capsules onto my toothbrush and started to scrub. I made sure to scrub both my teeth and my gums for the full effect.



Capsules3.Brush5.RubDouble Gross

The charcoal didn’t have much of a taste which made the fact that my teeth literally resembled an episode of the walking dead a bit easier to handle. I left the charcoal on my teeth for 5 minutes as directed. And rinsed out my mouth.

Whiter teeth in 5 minutes!


This was fantastic and it really worked. The problem is it didn’t last long, my teeth were back to normal by the next morning. However, this charcoal scrub down would be perfect for a big event and at only $8 why not? As a bonus these capsules would make a great accessory for scary Halloween costumes.






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