Planning a Realistic Budget

The Man and I are talking big things, and dreaming big things. Which means it is time to DO big things.

We are combining finances! If any of you are like me this is a GIANT step in our journey together. There is so much trust involved when “your money” becomes “our money.”

Before starting our budget we needed to figure out what are goals are, and make sure that we are both on the same page. Here are our top 5 goals.


Good news we completely agree on all of the above!

*Deep sigh of relief*

Next step was to get real with debts and account balances. Why is it that talking money makes you feel so vulnerable?

Currently 37% of our combined take home pay goes directly to paying off our debts. That is completely ridiculous and is definitely not what anybody wants to be spending their hard earned money on. Between lines of credit, car loans, and student loans we are a bit over our heads. It is overwhelming to think of how much debt we have. To get rid of our debt we will be bumping up our total debt pay out to 40% per month and going with the snowballing method to reduce debt quickly.

Our 401k contributions happen automagically (yes, automagically is totally a word) so that neither of us even need to think about it. Which is beyond helpful.

This is the rough plan on how our take home pay will be disbursed:

Monthly Plan

This will definitely be an adjustment for us both, but ultimately it will put it us in a great place to start our lives together. We will be completely debt free in 3 years and have $30,000 in savings. Basically 3 years to financial freedom!



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