Army Sweatshirt Makeover

Army Sweatshirt Makeover Title

For all you military wives and girlfriends this one is for you.

Army Sweatshirt

Army Sweatshirt Before

I had one of these sweatshirts that I knew I just had to give it a bit of love. I drew up a sketch and got to work.

Army Sweatshirt Sketch

As a template I used another shirt I have to get the correct neckline I wanted. I marked it with a colored pencil, cut along the line, and sewed the neckline to get it from curling or unraveling.

Army Sweatshirt Neckline

The arms were too baggy for the look I was going for so I traced the purple shirt to give me a guideline on where to bring it in. After I altered the arms I tried it on to make sure that everything fit okay, then cut off the excess fabric.

Army Sweatshirt Arms

Army Sweatshirt Altered

I measured out where I wanted the studs to placed and marked them with a colored pencil. These stuffs are super easy to install just teeth of the stud into the fabric and fold them inward to secure.

Army Sweatshirt Studs Army Sweatshirt Studded

. Army Sweatshirt Makeover Finished Army Sweatshirt ReVamped

This whole project cost me $5 for 2 packs of studs! Not too bad for a whole new look for a tired old sweatshirt. What do you think?



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