Curved Marquee Letters

Curvy Marquee Letter

There are two different ways to deal with curved letters during a DIY marquee letter project. I will be showing you both ways. The first up is to use metal flashing.

Firstly I want to start off by saying: be careful with the flashing, otherwise you are going to cut yourself with it. It is thin and the cuts are similar to paper cuts. Not fun but not life threatening either, just remember to clean them out and bandage yourself up if they do happen.

Supplies for Curved Marquee Letters

For this method I measured out roughly how of the flashing I would need. To do this I used a tape measure around the entire outside edge of the letter. Then gave myself a couple inches to play with and cut the flashing with my tin snips.

To make this easier I measured out each “side” of the letter and pre folded the flashing accordingly.

Once the flashing was pre folded I just tacked on the flashing to the edge of the letter. (I found it was easiest to use a ruler to measure where the tack should go into the side of the letter.)

Tacking Flashing on Marquee Letter

Easy peasy and then my letter was done and ready for lights!

Curved Marquee Letter

This method was definitely a much quicker way to create the marquee letter than the balsa wood is. It took me about 20 minutes from start to the finished letter.

Marquee Letter P Letter P Marquee

Tip: To help keep the flashing secure add glue (E6000 is my all-purpose glue of choice) between the flashing and the letter edge.



10 responses to “Curved Marquee Letters

    • Thank you :) I found the flashing at Home Depot. I believe you can also order it off Amazon if that is easier for you. Please share your project photos with me, I would love to see how your letters turn out!!

      Xo, Melanie


      • Thank you so much! And thank you so much for your tutorial. I have been exploring a lot of different ways to make my own marquee letters and kept running into issues trying to come up with a way to do any curves. The flashing looks like a great idea! I’ll try to send you photos if I ever get them done :)


  1. Really cool idea! Where is the link for the curved wooden marquee letters? For example, ‘S’ and ‘P’…


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