I’m Back!

For those of you that regularly follow Last Legs, you have noticed that I have been MIA as of late. Well let me tell you why! There is much excitement happening here in the PNW and I’m not just talking about the Seahawks going to the Superbowl! (Go Hawks!)

The man and I are taking some big steps, combining our finances and taking the first steps to buying a house! I know it is like so totally exciting, right?

Just to explain what I have been doing with all my time the past few week, there has been lots of planning and budgeting. Because we want to save as much money as possible for a down payment I had to rework my blog schedule to make due with less cash-ola. The new schedule will include budgeting tips for paying of debt, reaching savings goals, and all about our journey to home ownership… again (we both already own our own homes!)

This is all in addition to DIY projects of course! There will still be home decor, artwork, and organization DIY tutorials to look forward too.



2 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. Hi Melanie!!!
    Glad to see you’re back AND happy to hear the good news about your new house! That’s awesome =) I hope you have a nice weekend, I bet lots of fun and new projects are on the horizon for you!!!


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