For the love of the Seahawks

1 ticket

This past Sunday I got the chance to go to my first regular season NFL game, and it was like nothing I have been to before.

As a Seattle girl, I of course have been a Seahawks fan since I started actually watching football… which I should admit totally started to impress a boy. 

My ticket was a Christmas present, and I mighty epic one at that! My seat… right in the middle of the hawks nest. Wow.

3 Seahawks Game Day SwagI headed over to Seattle on the ferry surrounded by some serious hardcore fans. The chanting and mocking of the Rams started around 4 hours early for the game. It was a sight to see, how excited fans get before the game. Although lets face it I am guessing a bit of that has to do with the amount of alcohol being consumed.

Since sadly I was a merch lacking fan I had to fix that as soon as I made it to the stadium. My first stop was the team store to pick up a beanie and a scarf.

With my cold weather gear I headed to my seat to soak it all in, before all the rest of the fans filed in and the hawks got down to business. The time before the game was spent glancing at the players practice… and stretch… those men have some nice tushies!!

The view from the hawks nest is quite breathtaking.

2 Seahawks Game Hawks Nest

The noise level in Centurylink is beyond normal. With a 64,234 fans in attendance yesterday afternoon, all their voices were present.

6 Seahawks for the WinThe sound in that stadium is incredible. Most of the time when I was cheering I couldn’t tell if I was even making a sound. I know that we have the loudest fans in the NFL but…wow 12th man!

Oh and in case any of you happened to miss the game…. We won! With a final score of 27 to 9 the Seahawks beat the Rams!

7 Seahawks Seattle Wheel

On the way back to the ferry I discovered the Seattle wheel celebrates the hawks too.

Now it is time to sit back and watch the Hawks make it to the Super Bowl!

Go Hawks!!!

xo- Melanie


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