Welcome to the World, 2014!!

This past year has been a great one. I started out the year on top of a little mountain in Enumclaw, Washington. We went snowshoeing and camping in January, spent a weekend in a tent on the coast of Washington in February. March we moved. I spent all of April and May finishing my condo remodel for the new renters. June was spent prepping my blog for the world. In July Last Legs was in full swing, and we took a trip to Leavenworth for the weekend. In August I bought a new car, for the first time. By September it was time for a vacation over to the Eastern Washington to get our tan on. October and November are a complete blur. And this December was an unusually stressful one and is now finally winding down.


Though the past year was not one of my craziest, I cherished every minute of it. 2014 is sure to bring even more changes, challenges and adventures to my life. There will be color runs, and tough mudders. Skydiving, and vacations. Burpees, and more pushups than I can count. There will be lots of exploring of new places and cherishing loved ones. We are only here for a short time, so why not make the best of every day? I do crazy things because I can. I am capable and I make sure that I have the means to do the things I want to.  There are no excuses that I can think of to not make them happen.


Resolutions rarely last past the first two weeks of the year so I like doing this because they are general goals like “get in shape” or “get organized” they are not specific things to do. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions like most people, I choose very specific things that I want to do and then each month I work on one or two until I accomplish them all.


Here are 2014’s New Years Resolutions:

1.   Learn French

( Christmas present from my momma! Bring it on Rosetta Stone. )

learn french

2.   Get my jump license

( This is me on my first tandem skydive. )



3.   Do a Color Run

4.   Go zip lining

5.   Take a spur of the moment trip

6.   Start Crossfit

7.   Complete The Tough Mudder (September)

8.   Go Zorbing

9.   Skinny Dipping

10.   Repelling


Any more ideas for me?

xo, Melanie


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