Glitter Snowflake Decoration

full title

Our place is lacking in the winter wonderland decorations this year. We have both been really busy and decorating has taken a backseat to our grown up responsibilities. I came up with this super quick decoration and it took me a grand total of about 20 minutes to do. It is the perfect little decoration to add a bit of winter inside.

1 glitter snowflake supplies

I sketched on the snowflake design very lightly so that it wouldn’t show through the glitter.

2 snowflake sketch

After the sketch was done, I painted on modge podge along the lines. And because the glue needed to stay wet I globbed on the stuff.

painting glue

I sprinkled on the glitter…

5 glittering

…and ended up just dumping on 2 full tubes of glitter, because really, why not?

6 glittered

The next morning I just tipped the project upside down and tapped the excess glitter off on to a piece of paper. Then just funneled the extra back into the tubes. This only ended up using about a quarter of one tube. (Lots of glitter projects to come :)

7 glitter snowflake 8 diy glitter snowflake

If I do this project again, I think I would paint the snowflake white first. Although I still think it’s cute. Who doesn’t like glittery decorations?



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