Beautiful Bottle Etching Gift

etched bottles

To go along with the chalkboards I made last week, I just knew I needed to try etching glass. Let’s face it, it looks awesome and I absolutely love it and knew I had to try it and Christmas was a great excuse to take the leap.

I searched for quite some time to find bottles that were inexpensive. I found a bunch in the $5-10 range and that was just too much. Then I stumbled upon world market and found these at $3.99 for 2! That was just the price I was looking for.

1 oil and vinegar bottles

Luckily I happened to have left over vinyl from the DVD Binders and the Dresser Update so I didn’t need to buy anymore. I got to work with the stenciling. (This step would be 100 million times easier and quicker if I only had a circuit.)

2 stencilng supplies for etching bottles 3 stenciling on vinyl

After the letters were sketched out I had to go through and cut each letter out with an Exacto knife… It took a while.

When everything is cut out and ready to go wipe the bottles down with rubbing alcohol and put the vinyl on each bottle.

4 prepping bottles for etching5 bottles before armour etch6 more bottles prepped for etching

I used Armour Etch which is kind of pricey but at Hobby Lobby with a coupon it was $11 for a 10oz bottle. And this stuff is no joke! It has a warning label that says it can be fatal. How crazy is that? Basically just be careful with it and don’t let it touch your skin or anything other than the foam brush and the glass itself. I applied the Armour Etch to the glass liberally.

9 the correct amount of armour etch to use

Then I ignored the directions that said to leave it on for 10 minutes. I left it on for 20 minutes and then rinsed with hot water. Here is the difference between leaving it on for 10 minutes verse 20 minutes.

10 etched glass bottles

After rinsing off all the bottles they needed to be washed. My friend washed them all with normal dawn dish soap. Make sure that you wash the bottles BEFORE you touch them, just to be extra careful with the Armour Etch.

After the are washed and dried the etching really shows. I know it will be even prettier when they are all filled up soap or oil.

11 Etched Glass Soap and Oil Bottles

These come in at $2.45 for each bottle! How great is that? What are your crafty Christmas present plans?



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