Chalkboard Gift Idea

chalkboard title

Every Christmas season I run into the great dilemma about what to get people. Well it’s that time of year again and this year my friend had an idea. Chalkboards for all! I love the chalkboard trend so I jumped on bored and we got to work.

I picked up 12 of these wood plaques at Hobby Lobby at $3 a piece (wait for the 50% sale and they are only $1.50 each!) They have about 6 different shapes to choose from and a couple different sizes too. After I got them home I immediately started the staining process. Each board got one coat of stain.

1 chalkboards before staining 2 staining chalkboards

The minwax dark walnut stain was the perfect color for these. I think it will be able to go with a variety of different home decor styles… hopefully they will anyways.

3 stained chalkboards

4 close up of chalkboard

After the stain was dry it was time to paint on the chalkboard paint. I used Martha Stewart’s chalkboard paint that I found at Joann fabrics. Each plaque ended up getting 4 coats of paint. That probably sounds crazy but having 12 to do meant by the time I was finished with the last one, the first was already dry and ready for coat number 2.

5 chalkboard

I attached a hanger on the back so it can hang on the wall. (I found a package of 10 at Joann’s for less than $2)


Look at it done and hanging! So cute!

chalkboard 2

And check out that chalkboard flaunting its’ new chalk job. Roar, you go chalkboard… work it, work it.

chalkboard 1

I also added a little bit of pizzazz to a couple chalkboards by added tacks to the edges. (I will be doing a cool project with the spoons next week so stay tuned!)

riveted chalkboard 2

To package them I am going to wrap them with bakers twine and tie a piece of chalk to them.

chalkboard gift idea 3

I forgot the best part! They are only about $5 each!



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