The Belted Clock

This week’s DIY was what I like to call a semi failure… While most of my projects turn out really well, there are those projects that should be brought to the top of the mountain and thrown down a cliff (because naturally there is always a cliff on every mountain.) This project is somewhere in between the two.

My belted clock did not turn out how I had pictured it… at all. To explain how much I don’t like this project, I usually spend at least a couple hours on photos for photos. The time is spent with lighting and actually taking the photos. Then comes the editing stage and labeling them all. This project I despise so much that I am not even going to waste the time in editing the photos.

This was my attempt at a belted clock.

Clock was purchased at Target for a whole $6 in store ($6.99 online).

1 white target clock

The belt was one I happened to have that I don’t wear anymore because it is too big. And the knob is a leftover I had from the dressers.

2 belt and knob for belted clock

The end result… barf. Who thought it was a good idea to use a knob with a clock on it above an actually clock?

3 belted clock

And an overview of the wall.

4 wall with belted clock

What projects have you attempted that turned into failures?



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