Whimsical Photography


I want to introduce you all to Sarah from Whimsical Photography. When I wanted to have a professional photo for my blog I just knew I needed to ask Sarah to do it. She is a completely self-taught photographer, who has been taking photos her whole life. Her hobby turned into a full blown business about a year ago. (For discounts offered please see the bottom of this post.)


Her love of all things art started from the time she could hold a pencil. In Sarah’s words “It was the only thing I was ever interested in. I see the world through an “art window” I guess. I look at something and think to myself, what would it be like to draw that or take a really interesting picture of it.”


Sarah has always focused on people centered artwork. She has an amazing able to draw but she knew that there was something missing in her drawings. It was easy for her to draw people but to capture the essence of a person was something very different. She knew she needed to take photography more seriously and truly focus on it. Once she did she instantly fell in love with it.  She was finally preserving moments and freeze them into something that can be remembered forever.


Her approach is very natural and effortless. As we walked around Fort Steilacoom Park I could see the wheels turning in her eyes as she looked at possible backdrops. It was so fun to see her exploring and finding truly beautiful settings. When you ask Sarah anything about photography her face lights up and you can hear the excitement in her voice. She loves being able to “capture those special moments during a photo session that people cherish forever.”


Whimsical Photography specializes in portrait photography. From families to babies, senior pictures to engagement sessions she should be your go to photographer.


You can find Sarah’s work at the Whimsical Photography Facebook page. For more information including pricing go to Whimsical Photography’s website.



*****Mini Session $100: 45-60 minutes with 12-15 edited photos on a CD.*****

(Normal Mini Session is $150 for 30 minutes with 10 edited photos on a CD.)


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