Operation: Antlers

Mounted Papermache Antlers

The once was a paper-mache deer head.

Antler Supplies

It found itself coated in a pearl shade.

painting antlers

Then a little elf stained a slice of a tree.

staining the mount for the antlers

With a smidge of glue and little aid,

mounting antlers

It was ready for all to see.

papermache mounted deer head mounted antlers

Papermache deer head: 14.99 (Only 8.99 with a 40% off coupon at joanns)

Stain (I had some on hand): zero (4.78 for the can at home depot)

Wooden plaque: 2.99 (Only 1.79 with 40% off at Hobby Lobby)

Pearl Paint (had on hand): zero (1.37 for a 2 ounce bottle at Hobby Lobby)


This little guy cost me less than 12 bucks!….BUCKS, get it?

(The total if you need everything is under 17 bucks.)



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