DIY Drawer Pulls (leg 1)


With the new dressers (Tutorial will be posted (10/31/13) came these little wooden knobs. Originally I wanted to buy all new knobs for the dressers but for the ones I loved they would have cost about $120 for 20 of them, and I was NOT willing to pay that for them. I searched Hobby Lobby and found ones that I liked and they would have ended up being $60 for all of them but that was still too expensive for me to stomach. That is when I realized they just needed a helping hand to be marvelous.

I got out my supplies and got to work while the dressers were drying from their own makeover.


I started with half of them because 20 all at once seemed like too much.

Knobs21_Painting Knobs

First I painted them black. 2 coats… always 2 coats! As they were drying I cut out little circles of paper to go on the top of the knobs.

Knobs22_Drawing Circles knobs23_Cutting Circles

Then I painted on modge podge to the top and stuck on the paper. I pressed the knobs into paper just to make sure they stuck…


….and painted another coat of modge podge on top to seal it.

Knobs20_ ModgePodge over Paper



For the next style I cut out a circle of burlap and modge podged it onto the knob just like I did with the paper.

knobs25_Cutting Burlap

knobs26_modgepodge burlap

After it was dry I knew the edges were so not going to work.


I wrapped the knobs like I did with the lampshades. I used a twine that I found at Joann fabrics and a bit of hot glue.

Knobs11_Burlap Wrap

I just did a couple of rows until I could finish it off nicely.

Knobs12_Burlap Wrapped Knobs13_Finished Burlap



For the next I  again did the same wrapping I did with the lampshades except I covered the entire knob and called it a day.

Knobs14_Wrapping Supplies

For the next I just wrapped the whole knob and called it a day. To start it I folded the twine over and hotglued the fold. I did this because I didn’t want the end to be sticking up or covered coated in glue just to keep it down. Folding it down gave it a much prettier look.

Knobs15_Start Wrapping

Knobs16_Wrap Knobs17_Wrapped Knobs18_Finished Wrapped



When I realized that I REALLY didn’t like the look of the black knobs I painted the rest of them white.

Knobs3_Ink Up Supplies

After 2 coats of paint I inked the edges of the knobs. All I did was roll the edge of the knob on the ink pad itself. I used one of the distressed ink pads from Jim Holtz called Linen…. something.

Knobs4_Inked Up

When the ink was dry I used a stamp with darker ink on the very top of the knobs.

Knobs5_Inked Up


Look at how pretty they all are!!


Look how pretty. I waited about 2 hours for them to really dry before applying modge podge over the top of the knobs. My thought was that if they were really dry the modge podge might not make the ink run, I was a little wrong. The ink smudged a little bit but it totally worked for the overall look of the knobs. You can see the difference between the modge podged knobs and the ones that have not yet been finished.

Knobs8_To ModgePodge or Not to



Aren’t they pretty? In a rustically pretty way, I mean.


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5 responses to “DIY Drawer Pulls (leg 1)

  1. Hi there!
    I love your crafty knob techniques!! I went ahead and ordered the distress ink online…but I can’t find the stamps…can you provide a link? company name? anything that would help in my search..thank you so very much – can’t wait to begin the project!


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