Lacy Envelope Purse

Envelope Purse Tutorial

This project did not cost me a cent because I happened to have all the fabric already, so yay! That said if you are not a fabric hoarder like me you will need lace, lining fabric and canvas. A third of a yard of each will be more than enough. You could probably make 2 envelope purse of these with that.

First thing is first, figure out what shape you want and what size you want to do. Here is my little sketch.


I did not make a pattern because I was fairly certain that I could just wing the whole thing… and that is what I did. That said once I figured out my size I cut the fabric down to size.

I started by folding and then sewing the lace for the body of the purse. Super easy step. I sewed two sides of the purse and hemmed the lace. This might seem pointless because it will be on the inside, but you can see through the lace, and you will be mad at yourself for not finishing it properly.

sewing the lace

sewn lace

Next, I created the lining for the purse. At first my plan was just to make a simple lining that would slide in the purse and I could call it a day. All I did for this was repeat what I did with the lace with a pieces of the lining fabric that is just slightly smaller than the lace fabric.


sewing lining how to hem hemming the lining lining and purse slip lining into lace

However, after I created the first lining I discovered this problem. You could see the seam from the outside, not cool.

Bad hem

To get rid of this I had to make another piece of lining. The exact same as the first.

After I sewed the 2 lining pieces themselves, I sewed them together. It took me a minute to figure out how to sew them so that the seams would be together in the pocket. I did it wrong the first time and had to tear out the seam and do it again, the right way. This is what it should look like:

Lining Finished lining

Just slip the lining into the lace to make sure that everything fits okay.

20131014-092036 20131014-092044

If you haven’t already, figure out what shape you want for the front of the envelope.

20131014-092151 20131014-092201

Because the lace and the lining are so thin I needed to add a heavier fabric to help the purse keep its shape. This is where the canvas came into play. (This is one of those do as I say not as I do moments because I did this part wrong. I did this step later and it was a big mistake.) Cut the canvas to fit into the back side of the lace. Then just attach it by folding the lace over the canvas and sewing it into place.


After the canvas is attached add the lining to the rest of the purse. There is probably a better way to do this step but I am not an experienced enough seamstress to know what to do. I sewed one end into place and then sewed across the top of the back and then the front. I finished by sewing the other end shut.

20131014-092053 20131014-092103 20131014-092112 20131014-092121 20131014-092130 20131014-092139

Here is the back of the purse…


…and the front.


That’s it. The purse is done! The entire project took me less than an hour and I didn’t get mad and throw it on the floor once! That is definitely the sign of an easy project :)

20131014-092250 20131014-092300

Envelope Purse Tutorial

Things I will change the next time:

-I would like to add a little spunk to the next purse, whether, it is a contrasting color of thread or applying studs for a bit of drama. If you decide to do the studs you might want to attach them before you sew the purse together.

-Add a handle, strap or closure.



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