Simple Key Art

For some reason I have been stalling on decorating in our new (after 6 months I use the term new loosely) place. Part of it is compressing both of our styles and partly because I wasn’t sure how long we going to end up staying here. The last part has to do with money. I would rather re purpose things I already have than buy new things. This is how I re-purposed some ‘old’ frames for a new look in our bathroom:


With that said I had these pictures frames that I bought at TjMaxx last year for $6 each. When I first purchased them they were all different colors and  spray painted them all black. They have been sitting in a little crate waiting to be hung since March now. Wow that sounds way worse as I type it out then it did in my head.  Well its a good thing I am getting around to it. This is how they were set up at my condo.


While I was wandering around Hobby Lobby with a friend last week I came across these wooden keys for a whooping .98 cents (after 50% off for all unfinished wood sale)! I snatched them right up and knew I needed to do something with them. When I got home I remembered the frames in the crate and got to work.


I tried the keys on different paper and tried to figure out the colors.


Nothing I tried seem to work well. I decided to try making the keys dark instead. All I did to do this was stamp them on an ink pad, then I blotted them with a paper towel just to make sure the ink didn’t run. And they looked so much better with the frames.


The stalk white paper was not working quite right for the look of the bathroom. I decided to bring in left over burlap for the shower curtain project and it looked perfect.


Before I hung them all up I cleaned all of the glass with rubbing alcohol. There was still left over residue from the price sticker and it was driving me insane. All I did was lightly scrub the glass with a paper towel dipped in alcohol.


After they were all cleaned and put together I hung them up.


The top of the toilet needed a little something too.


Check out how much better the bathroom looks!


Thanks for reading, share some love.



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