Happy 3 Months to Last Legs!

A whole 3 months of projects, pictures and postings.

With all of the widgets and dodads involved in creating and running a blog it has been quite a learning process. Who knew it would actually be a lot of work? Kidding. I knew it would be a lot but I didn’t think there would be this much technical stuff to keep track of.

Cha- cha- cha- cha- changes! I started this blog thinking that I would just do 1 post a week and I have stuck to that as promised. However, now that just does not seem like enough though. Starting now there will be 2 posts every week. Mondays will be either a lifestyle or fashion related post. I have already gotten started on them and am really excited for this change. Thursdays will remain home related DIY tutorials. I will keep these 2 posts a week going at least until the end of the year.

Happy 3 Months to Last Legs!

As of this moment 1,155 views for Last Legs in the past 3 months! This blog has been seen in 20 countries so far. I almost can’t believe it. To top it off The L.L. Blog has been pinned and repinned on Pinterest over 400 times.

Thank you all for the support. Keep checking in for what’s to come.


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