The Great Card Undertaking

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For years I have been trying to be productive enough to get Holiday and Birthday cards in the mail. On the other hand I have always loved the idea of making cards. It just adds that little bit of sparkle to cards. I finally decided to just tackle the project and get it done already. The truth is it was really fun once I got going. Here is how I got it all done and ready to go, no excuses now.

Making of cards:

The easiest way to go about making cards is to have a format and keep using it. I tried making Halloween cards without doing this and it took forever. My ideas were all over the place and it took me 2 full days to get 18 cards done. When I switched to using the same format I got 48 cards done in half a day. Not too bad right?

Here is how I went about the cards. I cut a variety of patterned paper that all went together and a few cardstock as well.


The cards are 7×5. I cut the background to 6×4. The stripes are 2×5. And the other piece is between 4×3 and 3×2.5.


I stuck on all the paper in their respective order with double sided scrapbooking tape. Super easy. They are all a little different because I mixed it up with which papers I used.



I had a little bowl on the table for scraps as I went.

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Then came the embelishments. A sticker (cupcakes in this case) and a little message.


I stamped the “Birthday” and wrote out “Happy” just to add some diminish. To finish the cards Iittle pearl dots to the corners.  And done!


The birthday cards for the guys are pretty much the same format, just added another little piece of paper… cards for guys are really difficult. Cards are really easy to make look girly.

I love the Thanksgiving cards. The stickers I found were perfect and made it really easy.

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Organizing of cards:

I found this card organizer at Staples, and home it went with me.

There are 12 dividers so naturally I labeled them by month (there are labels to stick on the dividers but I decided to just write on them with sharpie.) After I labeled them all I wrote out everyone’s birthday during that month. Girls were on the left, Guys on the right. My reasoning for this was to be able to easily see how many cards I needed for each gender at a glance.

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After all the cards were done and addressed and stamped I just filed them away. I didn’t seal any just in case I needed to add something to them later.

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With all of these done all I have to do is send them out at the beginning of each month, no thought process needed. Thank goodness for that!

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to leave some love in the comment section.



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