Intro into the Wonderful World of Washi

For months now I have been seeing things about Washi tape.  Having no idea what it was I just ignored anything Washi related. My thinking was it is tape whats the big deal? And then I took a trip to Staples for an organizer only to stumble upon a selection of Washi Tape. On a whim I decided to grab 2 rolls and see what the big deal was.

photo 1 (2)

My first little project was to cover my celly charger. It was super easy and quick, probably taking a whole maybe 2 minutes. All I did was rub the charger down with rubbing alcohol to make sure it was clean enough for the tape to stick to. And wrapped it up. The only part that required brain power on my part was to cut the tape length wise for the end that plugs into the phone. Now it is super cute and I can tell mine apart from The Man’s.

photo 2 (2)

I will admit I was hooked after the charger and knew that I needed to do something else… I searched online to find another idea when I came across a bunch of pictures of washi tape on keyboards. Since my keys are flat I knew it would work and I was sold!  I headed back to Staples to find more designs and colors and went to town.

I started with wiping all the keys down with alcohol. Then I cut out a small piece that was about the same size of a single key (Is that the correct term to use?)  After getting the correct size I cut LITTLE triangles off of the corners of the squares. This is partly because the keys are rounded on the edges and partly because they are less likely to peel if they don’t have blunt corners. I continued this process until the keys were covered. The process probably took me about 45 minutes. Look how cute it is!

Advise: Don’t do this unless if you need to see the letters while you are typing. While you will be able to see the letters underneath the tape with most designs, it is too difficult to be practical for everyday use.

photo 1 (3)

After the keyboard I moved onto the front of the laptop… because it had to be done.

Here is the boring before:


All I did was striped the back one color after another and cut to size. The edges did start to pile after about a week. To fix this I just applied clear nail polish to the ends of the tape (careful not to actually get any on the laptop its self) and I haven’t had any problems since.

To cut out the logo I just cut the edges of each letter with the blade from my scissors. It would have been much easier to cut an exacto knife but mine is currently MIA. I started with all of the straight edged letters first and then moved on to the more complicated letters.

PostLaptop3 PostLaptop2

And here is the final product!


What should the next Washi project be?



One response to “Intro into the Wonderful World of Washi

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been searching for cute washi tape diy. I had already decided to do my laptop skin but all of the posts I saw online were for apple computers. My laptop is black and I was scared it wasn’t going to look good. Thanks! It looks awesome. x


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