Well, hello there size 2, it has been a long time…

Well, hello there size 2, it has been a long time.

4 months ago I couldn’t pull them all the way up

3 months ago I could pull them all the way up, but couldn’t come close to buttoning them

2 months ago I could button them, but the sight was not a pretty one

It has been about a year and a half since this pair fit me and today, they are up, buttoned, and fit me! See how I did it here!


I am sporting my favorite jeans and I have a gluten free, dairy free diet to thank for it. I don’t mean ‘diet’ as in temporary way to eat, I mean it is my permanent lifestyle change. Gluten and Dairy free has worked amazingly for me. Although my reasons for going gluten and dairy free had very little to do with my weight, it was a side effect that I am happy about. Especially today! My G/D free lifestyle change was about feeling better overall. Among the long list, I no longer get stomach pain that lasts all day or dizzy spells and I have loads of energy that I could only dream about before.

For the first 2 weeks I keep getting on the scale and that darn number wasn’t moving, in fact it even went up! I could see the changes, my muscles were slowly becoming more defined which is a very happy sight, but I needed that scale to drop. That’s when I started oil pulling. Every morning for 15-20 minutes I swoosh coconut oil around my mouth and then spit that stuff out right into the toilet (The bacteria shouldn’t just be spit into the sink.) That’s when the number started dropping. Nothing else changed, just added morning oil pulling. Along with the scale number going down my energy level was up even higher, less sleepy commuting day and as a bonus, whiter teeth!

All of this said, I have not been exercising more than what my physical therapist has assigned me to do. Those exercises aren’t much let me tell you. I call it geriatric exercising because they are pretty much all things I see the old women and men doing after their hip and knee replacements.

In conclusion I am thrilled that I not only feel healthier, but my clothes fit me again. It has been quite an adjustment for everyday life, but once I got the hang of it I haven’t looked back… except to stare at those amazing hostess cupcakes with the swirl of white frosting, one of those would be amazingly delightful.


Gluten Free + Dairy Free + Oil Pulling = Size 2


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