Giving Height to a Shower Curtain

When we moved into our apartment there was an existing shower curtain, and the curtain rod is drilled into the wall so there was not a simple way to move it done. It drove us both insane because the existing shower curtain was only about an inch longer than the top of the tub. It constantly folds out when we take showers which makes the water pour into the bathroom… not cool.

Enter Pinterest and all of its amazingness. I came across a bunch of pins from people extending their shower curtains, so I thought why not. Here is the before:



I folded the burlap down and after cutting it to size. And pinned it to the bottom of the shower curtain.


I have never worked with burlap before so I sewed a double stitch just to be sure that the fabric wasn’t going anywhere.


After a whole maybe 30 minutes it was done. And I even managed to find a longer vinyl curtain for the inside. Score.


Show some love and let me know what you think,



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