DVD Organization- Series Seasons


You can find the binders here.

I have been asked quite a few times now, what I did for the TV Series. I went back and forth a little bit about what to do with them.  For the most part all the Series that we had contained booklets with the episode descriptions, some however did not. With those ones I meant to type out all the descriptions and include them in binders… and then I realized that neither of us ever look at them, so I probably will never include the plot summaries.

To start out I went through each and every season to type out each episode name on each disc. That lasted all of about 1 season of 1 show. Then I had a bright idea; maybe there are lists of episode names online that I can just copy and paste. Enter wiki! Thank goodness for Wikipedia. I started with Veronica Mars which had a lovely little spreadsheet complete with episode names, and air dates. So I copy and pasted into an excel spreadsheet.

I included the episode number, and the series name, season number, disc number, and the original air date. After I had the information I needed I added the pretty (font, color, sizing, spacing, borders, etc.)

photo 1


Then I printed out everything and cut down to size. For the back side of the pages they need to be cut small. For the front side of the page a lot more white was required, so I cut it larger. And finally slipped each sheet into its spot.


And finally the finished product:



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