Quick and Easy Dresser Update

We have a dresser in the living room that was white and stark and all around in need of a little life. It started as just your run of a mill IKEA dresser. I have had it for years and have been wanting to do something with it for quite a while.  When The Man and I moved into our apartment we decided on the rustic industrial feel. I made a trip to our semi local Hobby Lobby and switched out all the knobs.


 I liked the look of the different pulls and was happy with it… and then I got to doodling one day while sitting on hold at work…

photo 1

I combined a couple of the designs and decided this one would look great.

photo 2

Then I just needed to figure out how I was going to get the design on the dresser. After using vinyl for the DVD binders I decided since it was easy, inexpensive and removable that would be the best way to go. Paint would be a final decision and I wasn’t entirely positive that I would be in love with it after I actually did it. I have this problem of liking my sketches but then not fully digging them once they are a reality.

Joann Fabrics has a great supply of these vinyl peel and stick sheets. The great thing about them is they are large (12″ by 24″), which for this project was important because of the size of the numbers and the drawers that they would be on.

I knew I wanted each drawer to only have a large piece of vinyl for each letter, instead of trying to seamlessly piece together multiple sheets. This meant a little planning but nothing too crazy. I sketched out the number nine and cut it out with scissors after I was happy with the shape.


The 9 took a few steps to get the hang of. I made sure to add scraps of paper to the drawers since I had to take the drawer pulls off, and it wouldn’t have been much fun to get the drawers stuck shut. Also, I gave myself enough extra vinyl on the letters to carry over to the sides of the drawers, just enough to make them look seamless.


Then on to the 1. It was much easier than the 9 because it was all start lines. For some reason the 1 bubbled a lot. I just peeled the vinyl back up and tried again. The second time I made sure I rubbed back and forth as I laid the vinyl down.


The middle section on the 8 was difficult. It started to tear when I was peeling the back off. Luckily though I caught it before I did much damage to it and had to start over. I also wanted to add a little more to it so I carried the design over to the side of the dresser.


And the final project with all the knobs…

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

photo 3

photo 4

Let me know what you think, leave a comment!



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