Babe, I think the Mayo is looking at me…

Sometimes when people in my life leave on a vacation I leave them little presents for when they return. It is anywhere from flowers, new art work, or in this weekend’s case… a prank.

We currently live in a basement apartment, and since the house owners were out of town we left them a little surprise for when they got back.

And so it all begins with a little hot glue gun and a whole lot of googly eyes ($9 worth of googly eyes to be exact and worth every penny!)

photo 1

It started with the fridge. The man thought I was going to stop at just the shelves… You can’t do a prank half way. The effort must be made and it must be all or nothing.

photo 5

Then came the food in the door…

photo 2

And since the fridge was just not quite enough. I headed over to the pantry…

photo 3

And the best placement of the googly eyes, goes too…

The Honey Bear!

photo 4

Mission Accomplished!

I realize that this will be the start of a prank war, and to that I say: “Bring it on.”


Disclaimer: If you do this please do not put the eyes on anything that is not going to be thrown away anyways. Also, do not put them on anything bags, bags have the potential to melt and no body wants to come home to destroyed food products.


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