DVD clutter to Organized Bliss (Leg 2)

And Stage 2 begins!

Update: As a reminder this is where I got the DVD binders.

dvds labeled

Organization here we come:

In all honesty I would not do what I did with this part, because of how much time I added I will explain how I should have done it…

Instead of organizing once the DVDs are out of the case (as I did) I would strongly recommend organizing and categorizing BEFORE you start emptying those cases.

First decide how you want to categorize everything. My catorigies are: Funny, Girlie, Action, Drama, Adventure, Manly, Scary, and Kids. All the DVDs within each group are alphabetical. Each had there own criteria for a movie getting into their binders. Adventure required the story taking place in an unusual world (ei. Harry Potter, Hunger Games). Manly was any comedy that was stupid humor (and typing that I now realize how bad that could be taken hehehe) or inappropriate comedy (ei. Role Models, Ted). Figuring out and set the guidelines first. This way you aren’t bending the rules for those tricky DVDs which makes it tricky to find the DVDs later on.

I made a cover page for each binder just to make it easier to find things. Each pages included the lead Actors, and Actresses names as well as the title.

photo 2

Then time to label! I want back and forth whether I wanted to do a traditional kind of labeling, or more unique. The verdict was decided based on money, as usual, because frankly I am cheap. If there is a way that I can still make something look great and spend less money it is happening. I went with a removable vinyl. Of all the different ways to label the binders I think I picked  the best. It can be cut more decorative if you would like or the simple rectangles I did for a cleaner look. For the color I first tried it in a dark red and then decided against it because it made the bookcase too dark. This meant I got to test out the reliability of the removable nature of the vinyl. It was pretty easy to take off, with the exception of a few that left that sticky crap that nobody likes.  The final choice was a dusty blue with gold writing. To distinguish the normal DVDs from the the series I changed the location of the label from the top to the bottom.

photo (3)

photo (1)

The final product. TADA!


dvd organized bookcase

Find out how I did the vacation boxes here!

Are your DVDs out of control, like ours were?



7 responses to “DVD clutter to Organized Bliss (Leg 2)

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  2. I’ve contacted before and love this idea! I wanted to know however where did u get the vinyl tape? And can the binders hold more than the 20.sheets ? I was thinking of doubling them because I have over 4000 DVD,blu ray,and seasons to do so the less I have to buy the better. I was thiniking of starting out with the 20 and getting 20 more inserts.


    • Hi there Branson!
      The vinyl sheets were purchased at a craft store (Joann Fabrics). The sheets are 12″X24″ so thankfully each one makes a lot of labels.

      The binders sadly won’t hold much more than 20 DVDs. I have a few that can hole 25 but that is the absolute limit for these little guys. For your situation I would definitely make your first order for a few (or 20!) and then wait to get the discounts from the company. They will send you emails for 30% or more off your next purchase and then the emails come fairly often.

      I hope this helps! I would love to see before and after pictures from your massive organization project.

      -xo Melanie


      • Definatly! I also had one other question? What do u do with the disc sets ? Did u handle those as u did on series I have a lot of collector editions and of course they are 2-3 disc at the least so do u cut the extra artwork that comes with these titles and fill as many sleeves as possible, and I know I won’t need to keep the digital copy disc or anything but the special features or disc with additional content I would like to include; or is there a better suggestion? Thanks again for ur help I’ve contemplated this for months and this is the absolute best idea I’ve found.


      • For the disc sets I treated them like the series, sort of. If there were 2 discs in the set I put the one I knew we wouldn’t use much behind the artwork (the special features disc or full screen versions of the movie.) I put the information for the digital copies behind the artwork as well just so we had it if we ever wanted to actually use it. Keep in mind though the binder is only going to hold about 25 dvds, so if you have a binder of collector editions you will probably only be able to get 12 movies into one binder. I hope this helps! I’m always here to answer any questions :)

        -xo Melanie


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