DVD Clutter to Organized Bless (Leg 1)

With over 400 DVDs and about 20 seasons of some pretty awesome assorted shows, we had to do something. When I first started unpacking and trying to organize the house the DVDs went to this bookcase. The result was double rows on every shelf and the remaining DVDs still in a box on the floor. It was next to impossible to find anything we were looking for.

The solution: Putting all the DVDs into binders I found and ordered on line. I have never been a fan of just putting DVDs into a CD binder, because then you just throw the jacket away and all the movie details that come with it. Hated that idea, so my search began. I found these great binders online for $5.99 a piece! I ended up order 20. When the boxes came they were a much nicer quality than I had excepted to get. The only down side to them is there is no simple way to label the outside. (I found a solution for that look for step 2/2)

Enough talking, lets get to the tutorial…

photo 1 (1)

This is not exactly a before picture because I completely spaced about getting a picture before I started the process. This is roughly 1/3 of the way into the process. Messy right? And then there is my messy little workspace.


The down side of these binders is that the pages within our about 1cm too small to just slide in the jacket and call it a day. Which means a little bit of folding, but I decided it was worth the sacrifice.


Then there are those DVD cases that have the jacket built right in. With just a little trimming it fits right in to the page.


In all honestly I don’t remember how many hours I spent working on this part of the project. I am going to guess probably about 5 hours. That is strictly just getting the DVDs and Jackets into the Binders… but remember that we have A LOT of DVDs.

The DVDs on the bottom shelf all need to be returned to friends and family (oopsy).

photo 2 (2)

I am working on the organization of the DVDs now….


2 responses to “DVD Clutter to Organized Bless (Leg 1)

  1. Pretty Good my dear! When are you coming over and doing mine?? Just joking of course! But it sounded good to me.
    Love you


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