Ugly Entry to Mudroom

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The entry used to be closed off and dark. Not a very inviting space.

The closet doors were those sliding doors that are constantly falling off of the track and all they were doing was hiding things crap I had shoved into the closet. It drove me nuts, crazy actually. So crazy indeed I just ripped out the doors one day… before I had figured out what I would even do with it. I kept thinking that maybe new doors would help, or I could just paint the old ones.

Then one day this lovely website popped into my life. You know the one, it is the wonderful idea center of everyone I know. That site that a person can spend hours on without even realizing it. What a glorious place to visit.

Enter the mini mudroom idea. Here is my inexpensive super easy way to make a mudroom out of an old closet:

Step 1: Rip out the terrible doors (My apologies for not having a before picture, I will try to find one on my old computer.). Remove everything from the closet.

Step 2: Paint the walls, if they are not already the color you want them to be. Painting shelving. I taped off the support pieces to give try and make them blend a little more.

Step 3: Install your seating. I happened to already have the supplies for this, if you don’t it should only add $10-$15 on to your total. For my project I used an old bench, and attached it to the wall and floor with a few 3 inch screws.

Step 4: Usually closets are not trimmed with baseboard, sometimes they are. In any case you will want to add trim to the bench to give it that built in look.

Step 5: Caulk and Touch up paint.

Step 6: Add hooks and crates and BAM mudroom.

Now everything is easy to get to and gorgeous.


title mudroom

The cost:
Paint- 1 quart white- $12.50
Crates- $7.80 ea- Michael’s after the 40% off coupon (or $6 with the 50% off coupon at Joann’s)
Baseboard- $4.35- Lowes
Hooks- $1.77 ea- Lowes
Total: $39.53

Under $40 for a full on upscaled entry.



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